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Build a Home

1.6 billion people live without safe, adequate housing. Many of these are children. How would you feel if you knew your own daughter, son, sister, brother, niece, or nephew had no safe place to keep them warm and safe at night?

It's a tough problem, and even large yet sporadic donations—no matter how well intended—have failed to solve this problem in the long term. We need a new approach. But it's unlikely to happen unless powerful individuals step up to become part of the solution for the long haul. Why not join forces with other corporations to provide the ongoing funding and support that is needed to begin helping the millions of homeless men, women and children around the world? Your "2% of profits for life" commitment provides trustworthy charities with the resources they need to develop housing for some of Earth's most vulnerable people.

Many people blame capitalism for global problems like this one, and believe "Big Business" doesn't carry its share of social responsibility. Let's prove them wrong. Let's set an example that demonstrates that yes, the business community is part of the solution.

Make your pledge and become a hero for the homeless today.

If you heard a child crying herself to sleep because she was wracked with hunger pangs, what would you do? Would you turn your back, or would you try to do something about it?

You might not be right there to hand this little girl your dinner plate. But you can put an end to her cries.

Join forces with other companies who are pledging 2% of their profits to help feed the 7.3 billion people who go to bed hungry every night. You have the power to deliver filling, nutritious meals to the people who need them the most. Your helping hand can reach around the world.

Make your pledge today.

Give Life

If your infant was suffering with life-threatening dysentery, you'd take him to the doctor. But millions of babies, toddlers, and children under the age of 5 do not have that option. Many of them will die in agony...but they don't have to.

You have the power to save their lives. By donating 2% of your profits each and every year, you provide the resources to deliver life-giving medicines to sick children on a global scale. This means millions of kids will grow up healthy and strong—thanks to you and other Search For Good benefactors.

Joining forces with like-minded companies allows you to help create a tidal wave of positive change, one that may ultimately lead to a better, brighter world.

Yes, I'm ready to save lives right now.

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