Search for Good Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Houston entrepreneur Roger Janik in 2015. As the owner of a boutique marketing firm specializing in search engine optimization, Janik is an experienced marketer who is acutely aware of the incredible power of "search" in today's global digital space.

Google alone could bring society as we know it to its knees if its information superhighway capabilities were to suddenly freeze. For Janik, it was no big leap to make the connection: If "search" and its insatiable appetite for information hold this incredible influence over families and businesses alike -why not search for good?


As an entrepreneur and business owner, Janik feels a pressing responsibility to give back. To share the prosperity. To make a difference in the lives of others. Throughout his career, Janik has made it a point to contribute to numerous charities not only as an individual but as a company, through financial donations, logging miles in 5K runs, and volunteer hours.

In 2014, the idea to launch a new non-profit with the goal of addressing some of the most critical global issues began to form in Janik's mind. The organization's mission would be to help fight hunger, homelessness, and the devastating lack of healthcare worldwide.

But Janik knew that a few donations here and there would hardly make the profound difference he envisioned. Commitment-that's what it would take. Commitment, year after year, from profitable businesses who, like him, feel the responsibility to share the wealth, give back, and affect positive change that lasts.


Today, commitment is Search for Good Foundation's first and foremost principle. It is a commitment that requires member businesses to allocate at least 2% of quarterly profits for Search for Good and its causes-for life. It is a commitment that demonstrates that charity is not an option. It's a priority.

Join us. Search for Good.